Dr. Julie Steen

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Faculty Steen Julie

"Do your best work. The students who get the most out of this program are self-driven and strive to learn more than just the minimum."

Degrees Held:

  • DBA – Kennesaw State University, 2017
  • MBA – Augusta University, 1997
  • B.S. in Business – University of South Carolina Aiken, 1993

Career Highlights:

Dr. Julie Steen has over twenty years of experience teaching business, management, and marketing at the college level. She is the 2016 recipient of the Part Time Teaching Excellence Award at USC Aiken. Dr. Steen has an entrepreneurial spirit and has started several businesses including an eBay drop-off store, and Express Yourself, a pop-up shop boutique. She has also been self-employed as a real estate agent and involved in several direct selling companies.

In which online degree program do you teach?

MBA General

  • Which class do you teach online?

    MKTG A716: Marketing

  • Why did you start teaching?

    I missed the university environment while working in industry.

  • What advice would you give to those considering the MBA online program?

    Do your best work. The students who get the most out of this program are self-driven and strive to learn more than just the minimum.

  • What qualities make someone particularly successful in the business world?

    There are several qualities that make someone successful in business, including critical-thinking skills, communication skills, and the ability to readily accept change (among others). Critical-thinking skills are important since the most valuable people in business have the ability to solve problems. Communication is particularly important in business. A person that can communicate well with employees, customers, and other key stakeholders is a valuable asset for any business. In the dynamic world that we live in, businesses are in a state of constant change. A person who can readily adapt to that change is a welcome addition. Related to that, is being a lifelong learner. A person who is willing to continue to learn new ideas and technologies will be valuable to businesses as they navigate the changing world.

  • What do you think is the biggest challenge that people in business face today?

    One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is keeping up with the vast amount of information that is relevant to their business. This can include keeping tabs on competitors (both existing and potential), being aware of new technologies that may dramatically reshape the way business is done in their particular industry, and specific to marketing, understanding all of the new opportunities that businesses have at their disposal in terms of promoting the business.

  • Why did you start teaching?

    Even as far back as high school, I recognized that I had a knack for explaining things to other people. Throughout high school and college, friends would often ask me to explain concepts to them that they were having trouble with. In undergrad, while studying business at USC Aiken, I decided that I wanted to teach business at the college level.

  • What is the one book you think everyone should read?

    It is critical that a business professional stays up to date on what is going on in the world. I would recommend reading The Wall Street Journal and other popular business press publications (i.e. Fortune) on a regular basis.

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