MBA Faculty Profiles

The supportive, experienced online faculty at USC Aiken is committed to helping you advance your professional skills and career goals

Dr. Sanela Porca, Professor

"[I started teaching] for the love of education."

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Dr. Marouen Ben Jebara, Associate Professor of Management

"I encourage you as an MBA candidate to always have a long-term perspective on your career and how you can apply the different topics in your future—how the different subjects integrate and connect together—with your personal career interest being the centerpiece."

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Dr. Kathy S. Mack, Associate Professor

"The MBA can open new career avenues."

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Dr. Ravi Narayanaswamy, Professor

"This degree program equips students with real-time skills to succeed in a broad spectrum of occupations, including management information systems, operations management, marketing, accounting and finance."

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Dr. Linda Rodriguez, Associate Professor

"I teach because I wanted to stay in school forever. I like students and teaching!"

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Dr. Julie Steen, Assistant Professor of Marketing

"Do your best work. The students who get the most out of this program are self-driven and strive to learn more than just the minimum."

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Dr. Frank Tian Xie, Professor

"Teaching is the way in which humanity learns and grows."

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Nursing Faculty Profiles

Ashley Greene Brittain, Instructor

"You can do it! So many working nurses cannot imagine how this program could fit into their life as a full time nurse, parent, spouse, etc. However, with the appropriate time-management skills, it can be done. Plan each week and do not procrastinate."

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Dr. Katie A. Chargualaf, Assistant Professor

"I wanted to share my love of nursing with those who share the same passion."

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Dr. Mary Gaffney, Assistant Professor

"Getting your BSN will expand your career opportunities!"

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Martha Kay Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Nursing

"As RNs returning for a BSN, our students are already successful nurses. I hope that attaining a BSN will broaden their horizons and opportunities as they move forward in their professional careers."

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Dr. Thayer McGahee, Dean of the School of Nursing

"This program is designed to help you increase your critical thinking skills, to build on your basic nursing knowledge, and to make more meaningful application of that knowledge."

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Katy Mooney, Instructor

"Remember that self-care is a crucial component to successfully reaching your goals. Always strive to be the kind of nurse that you would want if you were a patient yourself."

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Dr. Joyce Pompey, Associate Professor

"Learning should be lifelong. You should always strive to be the best, and increasing one's knowledge in the field of nursing is one way to expand on the knowledge that is already possessed."

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Lisa H. Simmons, Senior Instructor

"I value education and love teaching."

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Carolyn Sue-Ling, Instructor

"I discovered my passion for teaching in 1988 and began teaching nursing as a clinical instructor. Later, I pursued a full-time position as a nursing faculty member in a BSN program. Most of my nursing career has involved various aspects of teaching."

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