Study Areas of Nursing Outside Your Unit

Online education programs enable interaction between students from different places, cultures and professional backgrounds. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through the University of South Carolina Aiken RN to BSN online program provides nursing students with more than just the opportunity to earn a BSN degree and study subjects outside of their knowledge base; students will also benefit from the diversity of the students participating in the program.

Diverse and Interactive Learning Experience

In an online setting, nursing students have the benefit of learning from a network of students with varying professional backgrounds and specialties. An online class could consist of nurses from multiple areas of clinical focus as well as nurses from different cities and states. The interactions that occur during class discussions — on message boards in the case of online classes — enable nurses to connect with these professionals from all walks of life and learn about their areas of expertise and their unique perspectives. For example, an ER nurse in Columbia, South Carolina may have a very rewarding and enlightening discussion with an oncology nurse from Atlanta, Georgia.

A Broad Network

Nurse Journal highlights other benefits of diversity in an online learning program: “This expansive networking opportunity may help you find more employment options when you graduate.” When professionals in any industry expand their networks, their job opportunities expand greatly. They can find new positions not only in their area, but across the country too.

Online programs foster interactive discussions where nurses are able to connect with professionals from different practice settings. Through these discussions, they can gain knowledge about other fields of nursing that may encourage them to learn even more through independent study.

New Subjects for Experienced Nurses

One of the many benefits of an RN to BSN program is the diverse subject matter covered. While ADN- and diploma-prepared nurses have stellar clinical knowledge, they may not know much about higher-level subjects outside of their immediate realm of practice.

Students in USC Aiken’s online RN to BSN program study a broad range of subjects, such as health assessment, pathophysiology, ethical and legal issues, gerontology and others. In gaining knowledge outside of their daily practice, they might even decide to move to a different area of nursing altogether.

Benefits of the Online Environment

An online classroom environment can be less intimidating than an in-person classroom for introverted students. This cultivates higher participation from and between the students in the program.

Nurse Journal points out another advantage: “Studying with a diverse student body also provides valuable opportunities to practice the interpersonal communication skills nurses need.”

Face-to-face interactions may be limited in online programs, but nurses can still connect and network with classmates and faculty from around the country. This gives nurses a chance to broaden their perspective by becoming aware of nursing scenarios outside of their local area. In doing so, they can benefit from the knowledge and experiences of their online colleagues.

Being able to connect with nurses from different practice settings and to share experiences is a key benefit of online learning. And RN to BSN programs offer subjects not covered in ADN or nursing diploma programs. Online students also have access to the same resources their on-campus counterparts do, such as career services, tech support and online library access. Best part is, online RN to BSN programs offer these benefits as well as the ability to earn a degree while continuing a nursing career.

Learn more about USC Aiken’s online RN to BSN program.


Nurse Journal: Best CCNE-Accredited Online RN to BSN

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